Although I started my career in 2003 as a Researcher I’ve been always involved with information technologies and engineering, mainly in the development of computer controlled devices for scientific research and had produced several scientific papers and one patent. Gradually I’ve started to change my career focus with training courses on programming and later with a Master on Bioinformatics that gave all the knowledge to embrace more complex projects, namely in Data Mining, Big Data, Pattern Extraction, Machine Learning, Data Prediction, etc... In 2008, started to develop, from the scratch, a web based platform developed for research and laboratory management. It started with few features and now is the major tool in the organization at all levels. During this web platform development, several technologies were gradually adopted, according to the need, which gave me a great wide experience on implementation and integration of several technologies, including creating new interfaces (unavailable integrations). Following this project, I’ve also implemented similar platform (using the same base) on other research groups. Also, I’ve build, another platform (for an analysis laboratory) based on this platform but built using Laravel as the base framework. Currently I am the Head of Web Development and senior full stack developer on the R&D department of a company whose main activity is the development from scratch of big format digital printers. I was hired to build a web platform that would allow the printers to communicate with it,  but ended up building a large platform that manages most aspects of product development, from project management, through machine model definition, production control and expedition, machine communications, machine error logs and data statistics and analysis. This platform was entirely developed using Laravel framework (PHP/HTML5/JS/MySQL stack), Javascript (jQuery and Vue.js), with emphasis in API/Communications, big data handling and data analysis. Currently I'm preparing this platform to take data analysis deeper, mainly in terms of error analysis and implement some machine learning algorithms to allow the system to generate some predictive alerts and notifications , mainly for preventive maintenance. Apart from a big capacity to analyse problems, think, design and implement solutions for those problems, I consider my self as a very proactive person, always highly motivated with a big capacity to work in team and highly motivate to accept new challenges and always learn new things.